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Main Page - Catgenome.org

Main Page

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openfree Cat and Big Cat Genomes Home


The Open Cat Genomes Project is a project to collect, analyze, and distribute cat and big cat genome data. 

Open Cat Genomes project (OCG) is a global and an open project for sequencing and analyzing diverse cat species genomes and genetics.

Everyone is welcome to join. Please contact Jong Bhak to join (jongbhak@genomics.org). We are accepting funds and donations for sequencing tigers. 


 Openfree Cat Genomes Project
 All Cat Species: Small cats | Big cats
 Cat Genomes Project Introduction  Cat Genomes Project Vision
 Project Plan  Contact Information
 Researcher associated with Cat Genomes Project  Organizations associated with OCGP consortium
 Cat Genomes News  List of Participants
 Cat Genomes Statistics  Cat Genomes Related Projects
 Amur Leopard  Cat genotyping marker project
 Donate  References about Tigers

 Download Cat and Big Cat Genomes

 Tools for Cat Genomes analysis

 Download Domestic Cat Gene

 External Links


Cat species

Snow leopard


News on cats

[http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-24913291 a new big cat skull found in Tibet]



TheragenEtex Sequencing Service Totalomics.com for NGS Genome, Exome, Epi-genome, and RNA-seq





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